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who tries to impose taxes on his own, who decides when obama care can meet the letter of the law and when it doesn't have to meet the letter of the law. it comes from a president that instructs his epa to invent ways to get around congress, where he stands up and says to the public that the executive branch is going to find ways to avoid the limitations imposed constitutionally where congress has a responsibility. that's a terrible attitude and it's what promotes and nurtures the kinds of things that you're seeing coming out of the nsa. >> any reason to believe that the president was aware of any of this? >> i have no specific reason to be able to say that, but i don't think it's inconsistent with the style that comes out of that white house. >> governor, we're going to continue to stay on top of this developing story. obviously, it was just breaking a short time ago. right now, i want to turn to the new poll that may ruin the president's vacation if this nsa report doesn't do it or egypt doesn't do it. a new poll showing the economic approval rate sinking to 35%. that's down sev
into another wave of chaos. more than 600 egyptians have been killed within the last 24 hours. president obama made a statement on the deteriorating situation from martha's vineyard earlier today. >> the united states strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by egypt's interim government and security forces. our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. as a result, this morning, we notified the egyptian government that we are canceling our biannual joint military exercise which was scheduled for next month. i want to be clear that america wants to be a partner in the egyptian people's pursuit of a better future, but our partnership must also advance the principles that we believe in. >> bob, that was president obama earlier today. you worked at the state department. dealt with a lot of different crises over your time there and have watched many. is the president just caught between a rock and a hard place here and did he put himself in this position? >> i don't think he put himself in a position. i
the u.s.a. do and does president obama have a clue? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. are you addicted to the net? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. things are getting serious. 2011, 3300 people were involved were involved in vehicle crashes. actually died while using a cell phone in the car. astounding 65% of all drivers in america ages 18 to 64, report they have talked on the cell phone while driving. and there is more. 70% of sex addicts report having a problem online. the national council on sexual addiction say there could be as many as 20 million people. also a study led by the university of michigan says the more americans use facebook the worse they feel about themselves. and a study by oxford university found that too much social media damages interpersonal relationships. so, there is no question that this machine, this machine is causing an immense amount of damage all over the world. so how are you dealing with that? here are questions. do y
is because the checks are in place. >> really? that was president obama reassuring americans that the national security agency was not listening to your phone calls or reading your e-mails. there is a bombshell new report directly challenging those claims and revealing that yes, according to an audit, it was snooping on you and eavesdropping on thousands of conversations. host of power play on fox news.com. chris, look. some of this was unattended and accidental but significant intrusions according to the audit were not accidental and equally disturbing was the effort not to report it and to cover it up. and a further effort to keep the judges and supposed to be supervising this completely in the dark. how troubling for this is president obama? >> big time. he is trying to be flip and he gave the first interview on the tonight show for goodness sake. we don't domestically spy. he waived away the concerns. the situation there is a growing coa ligon the left and right is concerned of the existence of the programs or of the misuse of the programs and what we saw reported in the
an important what's that? >> obama supported a radical islamist. not only did he support -- he paved the way for him. >> what is the -- be real. what was the option? >> the option was not to put people -- as imperfect as he was, why did he push him out? >> the arab spring, the arab people were looking for someone they would feel represented all of their interests, democratically. >> that's why they chose democratically. >> sean, let me ask you this. look, i'm not for morsi, the muslim brotherhood, but 50% of the egyptian people voted for him. he went into power. and obama says, look, i may not like the election, but we got to work with these guys. that's the elected government. he tried, they failed. >> pat, i'm sitting here in this studio and i told everybody that watches this show that when he was pushing out mubarak, i said there's one organized opposition party which was the brotherhood. he didn't think it would happen. i knew it would happen. now the radical islamist tanks. i don't care what you say. he's still running the country. military and money. that's insanity. the united states
than president obama has acknowledged thus far, but the official line is mistakes happen. wendell goler is with the president tonight. >> reporter: with the president on family vacation in new england, his aides referred reporters to the national security agency, where officials said their mistakes reflect a tiny fraction of their operations and all are taken seriously. the director of compliance said, quote, we keep our overseers informed through immediate reporting and periodic reporting, and yet the agency failed to report a 2008 order to track phone calls from egypt, international code 20, that wound up tracking calls from washington, d.c. when the computer read area code 202. >> it was an innocent mistake. but it demonstrates the ease with which the nsa by the push of a button, whether deliberate or accidental, can get large volumes of u.s. communications. >> reporter: "the washington post" reporter that broke the story says the internal nsa audit leaked to him by edward snowden contains more information than is provided to congressional oversite committees. dianne feinstein said i
obama is on vacation. any response from the administration, wendell? >> reporter: well, jon, the nsa says these are mistakes and while the number of them may seem large it is really a small percentage of the phone calls and emails the agency tracks. the information was contained in a 2012 audit as allison said, edward snowden leaked to "the washington post." when nsa make as mistake carrying out the foreign intelligence commission they report it earn certainly to federal overseers and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. the audit says the nsa decided not to tell the oversight staff about some data collection. that cast doubts that the president's assertion that the agency's vast abilities are not being misused. >> what you're not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs and, you know, listening in on people's phone calls or inappropriately reading people's emails. what you're hearing about is the prospect of that these could be abused. >> reporter: now one of those mistakes involved tracking phone calls from washington, d.c. when an analyst mistakenly put in
's privacy rights didn't. nsa broke the privacy rules thousands of times per year. >> obama care is coming. the extra cost isn't the only thing to bring with it he what every american needs to hear. >> a discovery for dog owners every where. warnings of serious health risks. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning everyone. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for starting your day with us. right to our top story. breaking news overnight the nsa broke privacy rules and over stepped the legal authority thousands of times each year. that's according to a new report from the "washington post". most violations involved the unauthorized surveillance of america. >> elizabeth brpran is liv prane from washington with the latest. >> the agency over stepped the boundaries. edward snowden proving significant violations include the unauthorized use of information on more than 3,000 americans and green card holders quote a large number of calls from washington were intercepted in 2008 after the
's show? >> greg, what did the white house say about the obama rodeo clown? that's between the white house and me. also are jet packs for real? and do they come in child size for greg? finally what did bill schulz learn about a beach sandcastle competition? sadly, we will find out. back to you, greg. >> that joke about me being tiny sun called for -- is uncalled for, especially if you are a guest jism because are you stronger than a storm as governor chris christie would say. >> she is so sweet she gives cavities to candy. it is joel lean -- jolene kent. >> lame. >> how dare you? >> you are getting it from all angles tonight. >> he is so sharp that pocket knives use him to widdle. it is buck sex ton, his real name, the co-host of "the real news" on blaze tv. and his parents tried to sell him on ebay for a sack of old potatoes, my sidekick, bill schulz. and if insightful commentary was a delivery i would wait for him to come on my doorstep. michael money -- moynihan. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. greg you can finally unbury me. >> how long can we ride this bull? all the way
endorsed barack obama. maybe it is about selling the movie as part of it. i think she's starting to break out a bit. has a new network. she was frustrated not talking about race until now. >> some would say i agree with this, she probably should have stuck with the original oprah show with the huge audience, she could interview paula deen one day, and ref recommended al sharpton the next. >> i don't think so, i don't think so. that had run its course, it was a great show. talk about somebody that helped us deal with prejudices we may have had, oprah is a great example, you wanted to tune in every day, you got to enjoy her and you got past the color thing. i had a chance to go with mrs. laura bush when her be book was done, first time i got to meet oprah. she has this amazing charisma with her audience and she was lovely. everybody that worked for her was lovely. i listen to her on this, i think the movie is coming out at a time they didn't know the trayvon martin trial was going to end, right as the movie was coming out. as she's going to do the interviews for the movie and promotion, she
obama yesterday came out very strongly condemning the army, very much upset how things had gone down in cairo. the army says, that simply 'em boldens violent terrorists. and the president's remarks, were quote, not based on facts. they have already deployed, tanks, armored personnel carriers and made it clear they will not tolerate this kind of violence in the streets especially if you see the video coming back with gunmen firing out. many crowds are chanting out, our blood, our soul, we defend islam. not we defend egypt. this is setting up versus a muslim brotherhood versus army war on streets. martha: looks like a civil war. we hope that doesn't happen. we'll watch it as well during the next couple hours. thanks, leland. >>> arizona senator john mccain believes the white house hasn't help matters with the statement they made yesterday. mccain was asked if the decision to cancel joint military exercises with egypt was adequate and here was his response. >> a long time ago we should have complied with our law which we were asking the egyptians to comply with that rule of law. we viol
the better, but i don't think we're going to get it with these people. i don't think obama will do what should be done, lower tax rates and broaden the tax base, a flat tax, the jerry brown idea, but we need spending restraint. we need control coming back at the fed. we need free trade. we need regulatory reforms so we don't have overburdening of the growth sector of this economy. so, all of this put together, we need action. but i just don't expect we're going to get it before 2014-2016. i'd loaf to see them. >> neil: what normally shakes them to the core, market tantrum. both parties. not like in october 1987 septemberoff or 1929 but something where the markets collectively express their rage and say, game over, gig is up. barring that do you expect anything to change? >> i don't think so. i don't think we'll have a market thing like that. markets are very, very lie, neil, compared to profits, interest rates and historical relationships. so. >> neil: you're right about that. a lot of people don't know that but you look at the valuation of the market, according to historical norms, pri
? >> shepard, late today a spokesman traveling with the president said mr. obama is determined to strike the right balance between protecting security and protecting the privacy of americans. but the fact that the nation's most secretive spy agency briefed reporters today, also suggests mr. obama is desperate to rebuild public confidence in it. the nsa says most of the improper data collection involved cell phones that had had been tracking overseas whose owners brought them back into the u.s. without the agency realizing it but in one instance, the nsa intended to track phones in egypt, country code 20 and the computer read area code 202. that's washington, d.c. martin gellman broke the story. >> so it's an innocent mistake. it demonstrates however, the ease of which the nsa either by accidental or can pull in volumes of communications. >> mistakes reflect a tiny fraction of their operations but they say they take every mistake seriously. shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler from martha's vineyard tonight. more people think that the nsa surveillance program will hurt americans than it wil
for a nationwide day of rage. president obama joining ex-military comments. >> our traditional cooperation cannot continue as violence continues in the streets. >>shannon: the u.s. supplies $1.3 billion in aid to egypt but the president says that could be on the chopping block if the violence continues. >> he's accomplished the remarkable feat in the last two and a half years of alienating every single faction in egypt. he just needs to back off now and accept the fact the egyptians have come to this path themselves, and they will have to resolve it. >>shannon: this as the death toll continues to rise from this week's bloody crackdown on muhammad morsi supporters. nearly 650 people have been confirmed killed, thousands more injured. >>> troubled actress lisa robin kelly who stars on that 70's show died after going into cardiac arrest. she just checked herself into the treatment facility on monday for alcohol abuse. over the past three years the actress made headlines for a string of d.u.i. and assault arrests. lisa robin kelly was 43 years old. >> a seven-month-old florida boy died after eating a
escalated on wednesday when the military cleared not one but two protest camps in cairo. president obama sayings the united states deplores the bloodshed but the president stopped short of cutting off more than a billion dollars in annual military aid. we'll get into more of the response of the united states when we talk to the former assistant secretary of state in a few minutes. first, leyland vitter is live. explain what is going on now if you could. >> those strong words from the president didn't seem to do much. on the streets of cairo right now, folks are defying the nighttime curfew the army has in effect. there are protests still on the street, running gun battles going on. live pictures from cairo show one of the main buildings in the square of cairo, a big office building where the muslim brotherhood had been gathered outside. that's now on fire. we have not seen anybody bother to try to put it out. it's so dangerous there on the streets. earlier today, there were the running street battles-not only between the brotherhood and the army, but it's also between the brotherhood and
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)